Surveying Generative AI’s Economic Expectations
This version: April 2023
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Narrative Asset Pricing: Interpretable Systematic Risk Factors from News Text
(with Bryan Kelly and Yinan Su)
Review of Financial Studies
This version: May 2023
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Business News and Business Cycles
(with Bryan Kelly, Asaf Manela, and Dacheng Xiu)
Forthcoming at Journal of Finance
This version: April 2023
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Macro-based Factors for the Cross-Section of Currency Returns
(with Leandro Gomes and Joao Valente)
This version: May 2023
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Change-point Computation for Large Graphical Models: A Scalable Algorithm for Gaussian Graphical Models with Change-points
(with Yves Atchadé)
Journal of Machine Learning Research
This version: January 2018
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